Own a Piece of Red Rock Resort!

Red Rock Resort has recently been re-developed as a condominium resort and private investors now have the opportunity to purchase the real estate for both personal recreation and financial gain. An association and property management company are in place to oversee the continued management of the property and the resort to ensure that the future and integrity of this unique experience is secured for all to enjoy.

Here are some of the benefits to owning a piece of Red Rock Resort.

You will have the opportunity to schedule your vacation week(s) more freely as an owner with less notice.

Cabin Maintenance
Your cabin will be maintained by the resort on your behalf. This saves you the burden of having to spend time opening, closing, cleaning and repairing your cabin and leaves you with only quality time to spend at your vacation property.

As you know, lakefront property has been appreciating in value very rapidly in northern Wisconsin. Although continued growth is not guaranteed, most agree that the trend will continue. As an owner you will benefit from this growth and it can be a wonderful investment over time.

Realize Current Income
As a member of the association you will have the opportunity to have your property rented by the resort when not in your use. This puts income in your pocket which can be used as you see fit. Income can be used to defray the cost of your purchase, fund cabin improvements or for personal use.

Preserve a piece of our heritage
This will be the most important benefit to many of us. The small family resort in Wisconsin is dying off. There are many reasons for this but no one can deny that it is happening. One of the primary reasons for this project is to attempt to prevent Red Rock Resort from becoming another statistic. It is our belief that by decentralizing the ownership and forming a group of individuals whose passions are aligned with our own, it might be possible to ensure that Red Rock Resort is here for our children's children to enjoy.

We believe this is truly a unique and wonderful opportunity to own and enjoy a premium piece of waterfront real estate.

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